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Founded in 1878 is a German company specialising in the manufacture of high quality front end loaders and implements. Stoll loaders are built from fine grain high tensile steel. The result is a loader that is compact and light weight, perfect for todays modern farmer.

The right implement.     Better with an original STOLL.

A real tough guy, load grain, transport bales, remove silage, stack pallets, move tree trunks – everything is easy with a STOLL front loader. It is best with the right implement: No matter the job, Stoll always has just the right solution for you.The original Stoll implements stand up to all tests. They are versatile, robust and powerful. With them, you can benefit from the full power of your front loader.Implements have to withstand the toughest loads. To achieve this, Stoll relies on best material quality and “German Engineering” in its product development. Extensive field tests guarantee the long life of the Stoll implements. Always at the cutting edge: The engineers at Stoll are constantly developing new products that meets your needs exactly and make your life easier. Master your challenges.


STOLL sets the benchmarks for innovation, experience and quality. STOLL front loaders offer the unsurpassed reliability and user-friendliness of a market leader. Learn all about the 6 major benefits you get with STOLL.