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STOLL sets the benchmarks for innovation, experience and quality. STOLL front loaders offer the unsurpassed reliability and user-friendliness of a market leader. Learn all about the 6 major benefits you get with STOLL.

By Professionals for professionals


Top performance in terms of lifting capacity and height.  Top results in stability and loading speed.  Comfortable to operate.  The ProfiLine was specially developed to suit all professional needs.

For tractors between 50 and 300 HP (35-184kW)

FS = non self levelling

FZ = mechanical self levelling 

ModelHPStd BucketLift HeightLift Capacity*
FS 850-901.5 mtr3450 mm1510 kg
FZ  50-901.5 mtr3450 mm1510 kg
FS 10   60-1001.7 mtr3740 mm1510 kg
FZ 10  60-1001.7 mtr 3740 mm1510 kg
FS 20/20.1   70-1101.7 mtr3740 mm1860 kg
FZ 20/20.1   70-1101.7 mtr3740 mm1860 kg
FS 30/30.1   80-1201.9 mtr4070 mm1730 kg
FZ 30/30.1   80-1201.9 mtr4070 mm1730 kg
FS 40/40.1   90-1401.9 mtr4070 mm1990 kg
FZ 45/45.1   90-1401.9 mtr4070 mm1990 kg
FZ 50/50.1   120-1801.9 mtr4260 mm2240 kg
FZ 60.1   150-2302.05 mtr4460 mm2470 kg
FZ 80.1   180-3002.05 mtr4760 mm2590 kg
FZ 100  200-3002.60 mtr 5020 mm3500 kg

*Lift capacity - at top of lift Q2


The mechanical parallel guide linkage is located in the swingarm spars - the basis of Z-kinematics.

This gives a clear view for the driver.  It does not disturb any parts above the swingarm.  The loader can be mounted closer to the driver's cab - as a result the tractor load is reduced thanks to the optimally placed add-on parts.

There are no lifting power losses. The loader with Z-kinematics have even greater lifting and breaking forces.


For more than three decades, customers have been able to attach STOLL front loaders to their tractors with ease. Thanks to the drive-in function. The STOLL drive-in system has constantly been further developed for you and functionally optimised. The good news: Despite all the improvements, one thing has remained consistently the same for 30 years: the drive-in principle.

Because we believe it works to your advantage. That’s how your new front loader fits perfectly with our proven console. This system is now part of the basic equipment of all front loaders.
Reliable and used over 250.000 times! And by the way, it was invented by STOLL. The original from STOLL. Loyal to all generations.


When driving in, the front loader slides along the attachment until the locking pin meets the upper end of the connection support.


With the Hydro-Fix all hydraulic lines can be connected to the tractor at the same time. The front loader is lifted slightly to hold the locking pin in position in the catch hook of the connection support.


The locking lever is pressed downwards and the front loader securely held in position on the attachment. Then the front loader is raised higher.


The parking stands can be folded in and out without tools.

Return to Level

  • It saves time and increases your loading capacity
  • A sensor mounted on the parallel rod will bring your implement back to work position by pushing a button
  • Additional quick dumping function included

For ProfiLine FZ 


Smooth driving even on bumpy terrain – thanks to our Comfort Drive damping system

  • Whether on roads or fields: Wherever the ground is uneven, Comfort Drive smoothly absorbs the bumps.
  • This accessory feature reduces the impact of the loader and implement – a plus point: the vehicle is protected. The driver’s back is also very grateful.
  • Good to know: Because the hydraulic accumulator used, is built into the traverse of the lift arm, the external parts do not cause any obstructions. A free view for you. 
  • Conclusion: Comfort Drive is a high-level solution from STOLL.

How does Comfort Drive work?
A piston accumulator is installed in the front loader’s cross tube – directly above the central hydraulic block. This is filled both with oil and nitrogen. This cushions any vibrations that arise when the tractor is in motion, as the nitrogen spreads out and pushes back the oil. Comfort Drive is particularly stable and effective for everyday use.
The advantage: Comfort Drive is particularly stable and effective for everyday use.

STOLL Videos

How to Remove and re-attach your loader from the tractor and implement from your Loader

We have all of your favourite brands covered


FS = Double acting lift rams, 

non self levelling

FZ = Double acting lift rams, 

mechanical self levelling

Standard loader pricing includes:

  • Mounting Kit
  • Joystick and control valve (Base control)
  • Euro quick implement hitch
  • Double acting lift rams
  • Twin Crowd rams
  • Third service
  • Standard bucket


Base Control

  • Accurate, safe and easy loader handling
  • Electric buttons integrated for additional loader functions
  • Five standard functions: Lift, drop, dump, tip & floating
  • Lock function for road driving
  • Base Control (fitted to tractor model)

Pro Control

  • Loader operation simple and proportional
  • Five standard functions: Lift, drop, dump, tip and floating
  • Three additional functions: quick dump function, 3./4. control circuit, lock function for road driving
  • Pro Control (ECO-Pro system for OC, OCLS; CCL). 5 button Joystick (STD)

Hydraulic Hose Kit

  • Use when tractor's own control units are available
  • Designed individually to each tractor


  • Selector switch for the activation of front loader or rear hydraulics
  • Safety System, dual function of hydraulic supply is prevented - giving an either - or circuit

* Please note: this is not available with all tractor models

Base Control switch kit

Dealer fit switch kit

  • Switches available for transmission switching