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  • Duration of warranty for new machines and implements is 12 months starting from the sale date to your client.
  • Before any warranty work can begin (or soonest possible from beginning of work) a claim number needs to be obtained  from Ag Attachments Limited to record a pending claim.

To obtain a claim number please contact either Dan Molloy dan@agattach.co.nz or 

Martin Gray martin@agattach.co.nz 

  • PLEASE NOTE by obtaining this claim number - this does not deem that Ag Attachments has accepted this claim in full.
  • A Pro-forma invoice will need to be supplied from the Dealer to Ag Attachments to view and accept / decline the costs, once this has been accepted, an Invoice will need to be provided for the agreed amount to Ag Attachments Limited (E: info@agattach.co.nz) to enable Ag Attachments Limited to pay on invoice (30th month following date of invoice).
  • Presentation of warranty claims has to be done no more than 3 weeks after the incident has occurred.
  • PHOTOGRAPHS are required to support any warranty claim.
  • Claims for STOLL wholegoods need to be recorded in writing on a Stoll Warranty Form.(Follow the link on this website to print one of these forms).
  • Any Parts are to be kept until the claim has been accepted and approved for payment by Ag Attachments Limited or for a maximum of 3 months. When requested the faulty parts are to be returned to Ag Attachments at Dealers cost.
  • Wear and tear on parts are not deemed to be a warranty claim, also damages that have occurred due to negligence or operational error will not be accepted.
  • Oils will be compensated for by negotiation with us and paid out at cost price.
  • Travel expenses and time for the journey will not be claimable.
  • Additional costs of any kind cannot be accepted.
  • For claims of spare parts we give 6 months of warranty.

We require the following information on the form / invoice

  • Order number or Claim number from us –Ag Attachments Limited.
  • Type and brand of loader/implement and the Serial Number of loader / implement must be given.
  • Supporting dealer invoice detailing work done.
  • if applicable any Outwork invoices to be supplied and charged at cost.        

Thank you