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Albutt is a wholly owned family business, manufacturing equipment for the agricultural, construction, forestry and waste handling industries throughout Europe and the World. They specialise in the design, development and manufacture of attachments for materials handling. Albutt's company policy is to offer their customers cost effective solutions to their materials handling problems.
Their roots are in the Agricultural Industry with four generations of the Albutt family involved in farming over a period of 100 years. The company was founded by Robert Albutt over 50 years ago. We now employ the latest design and manufacturing technology to produce quality equipment to meet today’s market needs. Their experience in materials handling has grown to encompass the construction and waste handling industries with attachments for a wide variety of applications.
The Albutt ethos is to build up to a quality rather than down to a price. They pride themselves in being the ‘Heavy Duty’ option in this specialised industry.

Grass Fork Hardox Tine

The Albutt Folding Fork is designed to maximise the potential of your clamp machine. By featuring wings that close during road transport, the Folding Fork can spread its wings for clamp use and such considerably increase its capacity. A market leading specification includes a 200x100mm tine holder, 1650mm genuine Hardox base tines, a shock protecting hydraulic accumulator and use of Strenx and Hardox in key stress areas. Trusted the world over, the Fork is regularly sent abroad and used by major OEM’s on their demonstration machines

Heavy Duty Buck Rake

The Albutt range of Heavy Duty Buck Rakes are designed for use with high horsepower tractors or loading shovels. Tractor horsepower requirement is 160hp rear linkage and 180hp front linkage. Front linkage rating requirement is 5 tonnes.

The range is renowned for being the global market leader with many repeat orders from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. An unrivalled specification includes a 200 x 100mm bottom box tine holder, high grade mesh gate and high capacity hydraulic cylinders.

For working the clamp at night, ask about our high visibility Working Light kit.

Buck Rake

The Albutt range of Buck Rakes are designed for to provide a strong, reliable partner for your clamp tractor or loading shovel. The new high capacity gate is manufactured from high grade weldmesh, giving ultimate strength whilst offering great visibility. Pin size, tine holder thickness, ram size and overall design are unrivalled in the Buck Rake market and subsequently they are used all over the world from Australia and New Zealand to USA and Canada. All models come as standard with double side tines.

For working the clamp at night, ask about our high visibility Working Light kit.

Heavy Duty Twin Ram Power Grab

The Albutt range of Fork and Grabs covers models for use on Tractor Loaders, Telehandlers and Loading Shovels. A market leading specification ensures that the Albutt range of Fork and Grabs provides a longer operating life whilst providing excellent usability. For Hardox tine models, we use genuine Hardox material to provide resistance to bending and breaking against conventional tines. B-Series and C-Series models also incorporate a heavy duty grab stop which prevents against over extension of the grab, resisting against pin breakages and ram seals leaking.

Shear Grab Hardox Tine

The Albutt Shear Grab range is designed to give users a strong, reliable option for cutting clamp silage. Trusted all over the world, the Albutt name is synonymous with the quality Shear Grab product. High capacity rams, strategically placed offer unrivalled clamping power, with a Hardox blade leaving a smooth clamp face. The capacity of the hydraulic cylinders also means that minimum power is required to operate the grab

Our Shear Grabs have been the recognised market leader for a number of years. Manufactured by ourselves in either our Tewkesbury or Evesham facilities, we are proud that our grabs are British built, supporting the British dairy industry.

Silage Fork (Galvanised Frame)

The Albutt Grass Fork is designed to be used on Loading Shovels and maximise the potential of your clamp machine. As a lower cost option alternative to a Folding Fork, the Grass Fork utilities the same high tensile steels such as Hardox and Strenx to offer a cost effective, ultra heavy duty option for working the silage clamp.

For working the clamp on a telehandler, check out our telehandler models. Featuring 1650mm Hardox base tines, the models provide the heavy duty build quality of the loading shovel models but at a reduced working weight.

Telehandler Buckets

The Albutt range of Buckets have been expertly designed on over 45 years of attachment building experience. A host of standout features truly make the Albutt general purpose bucket the market leader in this competitive industry. Brackets are mounted onto straps to spread the load on the bucket shell. All buckets feature a boron 500 welded in toe plate, large corner gussets, rolled back and boron 500 corner heel pads. Manufactured at our Evesham production plant, popular sizes are also kept in stock.

Telehandler Bucket Grab

Albutt bucket grabs are a versatile attachment for material handling in agriculture. Offering the features of a bucket and fork grab in one attachment. The bucket features bolted sides which can be removed for muck handling etc. The wide opening grab features Hardox high tensile steel tines which are welded into a thick walled tube, providing high strength and long term reliability. The bucket edge can touch a vertical face with the grab open, allowing corners in buildings to be cleared. This new attachment is suitable for use with telehandlers and loaders.

Heavy Duty Yard Scraper

The Albutt Telescrape Yard Scraper offers a fully floating design to scrape uneven surfaces. Designed for use on Telehandlers and Tractor Loaders, it offers greater advantages over conventional, lighter duty scrapers. A fully reversible; ‘Push’ or ‘Pull’ action, the unique design is one of Albutt’s most popular with many units being exported across the world each year. Operation of the ‘Pull’ / ‘Push’ mechanism is all done from the comfort of the cab; simply lift the boom and rotate the headstock to put the Scraper into the desired position.

Bucket Brush

The Albutt Bucket Brush can be used to sweep/collect a large variety of materials such as grain, slurry, fertiliser, aggregate, mud etc. The galvanised canopy can be adjusted to suit a variety of bucket types with durable poly bristles fitted as standard. Supplied as standard with mounting brackets, we can supply the brush to fit your existing bucket or fitted to a suitable Albutt bucket. The Albutt Bucket Brush comes with a motor protection valve as standard. A variety of optional extras can be supplied such a easy stand to keep the brushes secure when not in use.