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Next Generation Profiline Loaders Now Available!

The right implement. Better with an original STOLL.

Founded in 1878 is a German company specialising in the manufacture of high quality front end loaders and implements. Stoll loaders are built from fine grain high tensile steel. The result is a loader that is compact and light weight, perfect for todays modern farmer.


Smooth driving even on bumpy terrain – thanks to our Comfort Drive damping system

  • Whether on roads or fields: Wherever the ground is uneven, Comfort Drive smoothly absorbs the bumps.

  • This accessory feature reduces the impact of the loader and implement – a plus point: the vehicle is protected. The driver’s back is also very grateful.

  • Good to know: Because the hydraulic accumulator used, is built into the traverse of the lift arm, the external parts do not cause any obstructions. A free view for you. 

  • Conclusion: Comfort Drive is a high-level solution from STOLL.

How does Comfort Drive work?
A piston accumulator is installed in the front loader’s cross tube – directly above the central hydraulic block. This is filled both with oil and nitrogen. This cushions any vibrations that arise when the tractor is in motion, as the nitrogen spreads out and pushes back the oil. Comfort Drive is particularly stable and effective for everyday use.
The advantage: Comfort Drive is particularly stable and effective for everyday use.

Stoll Comfort Drive