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The European designed COSMO SFM-H Series Mulchers have a gearbox rating up to 70hp. The gearbox has been fitted with a built-in freewheel which allows the rotor to slowly spin to a stop in the event that the PTO power is shut off while the PTO input is at speed. The tower of the SFM-H is hydraulically side shifting (up to 300mm), allowing the operator to shift the mulcher in and out to the side. This control is beneficial when mulching along fence lines or under tree branches and vines. The rear of the deck has a series of removable, height adjustable mulching rakes that hold large pruning's (up to Ø 50mm) in the cutting chamber for maximum mulching, which along with the high-speed rotor, four belt drive and hammer blades produce a high-quality cut finish in vineyards, orchards and pastures.