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The Cosmo VH Series Rotary Hoe is a gear driven implement engineered in Europe for tractors 50 to 90hp. It is fitted with a multispeed gearbox that allows the operator to customize the input speed (540/1000rpm) and the blade tip speed. The main frame is a robust and rigid construction with box section reinforcing for the category 2/3 lower linkage mounting points. Square/L blades are mounted in a six blades per flange configuration. This design, where the blades are slightly staggered from flange to flange, prevents the worked soil from clogging the chamber, reduces blade impact, horsepower requirements and the number of passes required to produce a fine finish in a variety of soil conditions. The VH Rotary Hoe produces a super fine finish, with the spring-loaded tailgate keeping soil inside the chamber and in contact with the blades until it is well pulverized. Capable of operating all day, every day, in demanding soil conditions the VH Rotary Hoe is perfect for a range of commercial agricultural and horticultural applications